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Balanced Nutrition

Fuel the L.I.F.E within YOU! Romans 12: 11-13

Fire Me Up Nutrition, sponsored by Herbalife!

Fire Me Up Nutrtion is the ULITMATE Nutrtion program! Sponsored by the Number 1 Nutrion Company in the world, Herbalife!
– FMUN is more than just products, it’s value!
– What do you value most on your nutrition Journey?
– With FMUN, you get it ALL!
– Amazing products
– Community Chat
– Monthly Challenges
– 1:1 Coaching support
– Personal Development
– Plus More!

At FMUN we focus on the WHOLE Being, not just the food and body. A healthy Mind equals a Healthy Body! A Healthy Heart. A Healthy Life! Which is the goal of Bountiful Balance!
We value not only value you, we add value to you so you can add value to yourself, your family, and your community!
Fitness and Nutrition: Focused on creating a balanced and healthy body while creating a healthy relationship with food!

I am a FIT Foodie! I work out because I LOVE to eat! I love to eat GOOD quality food! I love to cook good food! I feed my family GOOD food!
My balance is developing a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy the piece of me while creating healthy habits and making different choices.

This is NOT a diet program, it’s a Lifestyle transformation!

At FMUN, we strive for you to have fun, invest in you, and invest in the kingdom!

Balanced Beauty

When you look good you feel good!

Balanced Beauty is sponsored by Mary Kay!

Mary Kay offers a wide variety of products for every and anyone! We offer packages curated for your personal needs!
From facial parties to weddings to men’s care, we are here!

Book your next skincare experience with us!

Balanced Mind

Balanced Mind focuses on the well-being of your mental health! Mental Health is your Mental Wealth!

What you eat daily fuels and powers your body, so the same is with the mind. What you feed it spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, fuels and powers your mind!

Think about the story of the two Wolves, we all have both.

Which wolf are you feeding daily? Take it deeper, spiritually you have God and his word, and the enemy and his lies…Which are you allowing in?

Balanced Finances

As a single mother, my mom gave us EVERYTHING!

Took us on all the finest trips! We ate the finest food!

Visited the finest places! Wore the finest clothes! I used her example as the blueprint for my FINE life!!

But that’s what it was…a blueprint…I saw the map but had no clue how to utilize it, how to save, how to invest, how to budget, ETC.

With Balanced finances, you get that!

You not only get the blueprint but you get the game plan, the handbook, the formula!

It’s up to you…gain, retain, and execute the knowledge!

From budgeting to saving, to investing, Balanced Finances will have you making money, flipping money, and using your money to build the Kingdom!

Yes, you can have luxury on a budget!

Mommy and Me Moments

The Pareting Spotlight, I want it to be like a blog where I will write about things, reviews, product reviews, etc.