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All About me!

Welcome Balanced Beauties! My name is Mishelle and I am the CEO and Founder of Bountiful Balance! Growing up I watched my mother live her BEST life as a single mother! She raised us and showed us the world! My favorite saying of hers was “The world is your oyster Shell, it’s yours for the taking! And I believed her! I just wished she added…”The world is your oyster Shell, you gotta get through the tides and waves, the boats, the sharks, the seaweed, the mermaids, etc…just to get to the shiny piece in the oyster…which by the way you have to figure out how to open it…”

Yeap, I wish she broke down life, even better, and shared her struggles with me so as I journeyed as a woman, and now a mother, to get my oyster, my pearl, I would have a better understanding of life! Life is not all it’s cracked up to be, but it is definitely what you put into it and make it! I understood the put into but didn’t realize it was not only mine for the taking, but also the making, creating, designing, manifesting, praying for, etc.

So now as a single mom, who is constantly living out the dream of the world is Mine, is now struggling to realize that although it is mine, I have some work to do! I have some transformations I need to go through to get to where I want to be. I have some spiritual work to reach my higher self, some mental work to expand my intellect, and some emotional work to achieve a level of maturity to go through life’s journey to get to my oyster, my world! Not to mention, career transformations, financial growth, being a social butterfly and just trying to be that FINE ASS MAMA and someone’s Fine ass wife!

So far I have learned, the bottom line is…I can have that life my mama painted for me, I just need to work, I need to plan, I need to find and achieve Balance! It’s not a one-stop shop, rather, it’s a journey of non-stop transformations, countless prayers, endless joy with a sprinkle of pain and tears, consistent change, with tons of love, peace, and happiness (I should have been in the Hippie Era).

Balance is about prioritizing and temporary sacrifices. The scale won’t all be equal…at the same time, but giving God your plan, and trusting his…will make for an amazing journey!

So let’s recap, My name is Shelly! Not your average Transformation Coach, but definitely your Balanced Best Friend holding your hand through your journey of L.I.F.E!

Let’s Get Balanced Together!


Who is Bountiful Balance?

Bountiful Balance is your new best friend! At Bountiful Balance you are gonna learn, live, and experience LIFE from a whole new experience…your experience! Your journey, your experience, and your story is what makes YOU the best client for Boutiful Balance!

Our goal at Bountiful Balance is to have you feel in TOTAL control of YOUR life! Now, if you like me, know that our plan is just that, our plan…but God, LOL, the most often has other plans for us! So yes, you will feel more in control, but the reality is life is gonna life, God is gonna be God, and well we just have to move accordingly.
That’s where we come in!

BB comes in with the tools, resources, and support, to aid you through any transformation you go trhough on your journey. No transformation is the same, so everything is designed and specifally tailored to you.

This is YOUR journey!

This is YOUR transformation!

This is YOUR testimony!

And im here to guide you to live out your Best L.I.F.E, with better balance!

So tell me…what do you need balance with?