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I’m Mishelle Severe

Personal Transformation Coach

Educating, empowering, and Encouraging you through balancing your L.I.F.E’s (Living in FULL EFFECT) transformation.


Welcome Balanced Beauties! My name is Mishelle and I am the CEO and Founder of Bountiful Balance! Growing up I watched my mother live her BEST life as a single mother! She raised us and showed us the world! My favorite saying of hers was “The world is your oyster Shell, it’s yours for the taking! And I believed her! I just wished she added…”The world is your oyster Shell, you gotta get through the tides and waves, the boats, the sharks, the seaweed, the mermaids, etc…just to get to the shiny piece in the oyster…which by the way you have to figure out how to open it…”